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It seems impossible not to focus on the state of the world right now with so much bombarding us on a day to day basis. And rightfully so, because if change is going to come it is going to be ….

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Every Full Moon is about letting go but this one is especially powerful. Jupiter turned direct too so abundance can now materialize. The collective consciousness is of …. The New Moon was two days ago, but what seems even more powerful is its connection with what is described in astrology as the Finger of God or the Yod which is connecting with it now a few days later. Michael Lennox does an excellent job of explaining this to us in his posting on ….

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It would be better to have a some fun than to allow yourself to get bogged down with responsibility, pressure and chaos. Work with chaos creatively and be …. The bigger picture for this month no matter if you look at this Full Moon on the 12th, the Equinox 20th or the coming New Moon 27th all these charts are framed by the larger social-political forces of the square between Uranus and Pluto being triggered by Jupiter.

This configuration spans from last fall …. Since early we have been gifted with lessons and opportunities to bridge the mundane and the sacred, the …. Did you think the Creator would create unnecessary people in a time of such terrible danger?

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Know that you …. But we have an amazing opportunity on this full moon and beyond, especially this month when all the planets are in direct ….

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Today is worse than Monday here in Phoenix when it went indirect; more traffic, mechanical and communication problems and winter storms delaying transportation across the country. Each retrograde is …. A Full Moon asks us to bring together complimentary ideas: Sagittarius wants us to see the Truth of the matter while Gemini wants to communicate the information that can help us …. Every holiday season is different. Some are joyful throughout, some not at all and some partially joyful.

This year we have some powerful transits affecting the close of between Christmas and New Years challenging us to deal with feelings and thoughts that may have been hidden.

The astrologers tell us it is time to …. I listened to the pundits on TV and then President Obama telling us …. At Samhain, the old year dies so the new year can be born. The veils between the world are very ….

Explosive energies. Or transformative energies. Have we woken up and evolved yet?


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Single Love Horoscope Aries. Yearly Horoscope astrology TV. In the weeks to come, wish-fulfilling Jupiter will bring a much-needed dose of motivation for finishing projects and reaching personal goals. This is an excellent time for travel, study, and spiritual growth. You might play a drum, or listen to an uplifting piece of music. Align your energy with the celestial power of the universe. These gemstones correspond to the energy emitted by each planet healing the mind, body, and soul. Her private…. Terms and Conditions Privacy Policy.

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