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Readers who wish to study other horoscopes and make predictions may please follow these insbuclions. Take the causative i. Then, on'the principles you find applied in this book, you will also be able to make correct predictions. If the horoscopes you take up for study are different from the ones you find in this book, you may consider such variations as the position of the Moon or Mercury negligible in those horoscopes.

All this has been possible for me with the help of several friends and well wishers and I offer my humble pranams to them all. The native is born in a Saiva community. But, he does not see any difference between Shiva and Hari", so said Nandikeswara to Markandeya. The disciple wanted to know how to find the community of birth. The Master answered, "It is possible to know the name too, besides the community. Such is the science of Astrology. Hence, we infer that the native is a Saivite. The Master answers--"The mouth is represented by Rahu.

Mars represents horns and Jupiter represents the stomach and Ketu the tail. Thus, the nature of the personality describes a Nandi Bull. The , name may be that of Shiva's Vahana Nandi. The disciple wants to know if it is possible for everyone born on that day to have the same name. The Master answers that it depends on the circumstances of each case. The names can begin with the first letter of Nandikeswara--Names can be chosen from the other names of Nandi like Vrishabha, Basava etc. Now, the native, whose chart'is being studied, has a lean body.

The native's father is an agriculturist. He will also amass some wealth. But, the strange fact is that this money will be distributed to the other brothers of the native and the parents' own brothers. The disciple wonders at this and wants to know the reasons on which this judgment is based. The author admits that detailed method of forecasting would involve great expenditure and trouble, so only in this case it is being given, but the rules of the reading 'are the same for all charts and mostly it is the 'Karalcatwa' that holds the key for the reading.

The Master answers that as the Sun representing father is posited in Virgo, a sign of vegetation, good crops etc. Further, Saturn in the second house to the Sun, aspected directly by Mars, clearly indicates one owning some lands. The Sun has his own son Saturn next to him aspected by Mars representing brothers to the parent.

Saturn is also in conjunction with Mercury. Hence, the parents' money will be shared by his brothers and sons. The disciple wonders why Mars placed in the 8th to the sign occupied by the Sun should be the cause for the brothers sharing the money. The Master continues-The native is the second born. He has one sister elder to him, and has five brothers and a sister born after him. The Master gives the clue for the numbers of brothers and sisters. Here, Jupiter is in Capricorn all alone.

There is the Moon in the previous sign to the one occupied by Jupiter. Hence, he has an elder sister. Jupiter represents the native, and in his transits he crosses 1 Mars, 2 Rahu, 3 the Sun, 4 Saturn and 5 Mercury. So he. After this, the Master takes up the regular tansits ofJupiter from birth and indicates the ages at which the native suffers from disease, obtains happiness and indicates marriage, birth of children etc. In the frrst round of 12 years, Jupiter, when he enters Pisces, has the aspects of retrograde Mars in Aries and so the native will suffer from wounds and swelling on account of pollution of blood.

The child's age then would be 3 to 5 years. This includes transits in Pisces and Aries for one year in each sign. The child will suffer from windy troubles in his 6th year when Jupiter transits Gemini where Rahu is posited. The native will get well from all these ailments. About the 9th and lOth years when Jupiter transits Virgo owned by Mercury and Libra owned by Venus and both having exchange ofplaces, the child will escape drowning.

At the native will make a headway in his education when Jupiter transits Pisces and Aries, in his second round. The disciple wants to know if the native will not have difficulties in his educational career on account of the aspect of Mars on Mercury. The Master says-You have put the intelligent question, but you have failed to ask why the native got over the troubles from wounds and windy troubles at the age I will explain now.

Though'Mars causes wounds and Rahu causes gas trouble, Jupiter's transit of Aries and Taurus is opposed by Saturn and Mercury in Libra and as they are enemies they hinder both Mars and Rahu from causing trouble. For the same reason though Mars and Rahu may hinder, the aspect of Mercury occupying the house of Venus and having the 9th aspect of natal Jupiter from Capricorn helped the native in his educational career during the transit of Jupiter in his second round.

As regards the disposal of the extra savings by the father, the Sun representing father of the native is in conjunction with Venus, but Venus is. The placement of Mercury and Saturn in the 2nd to the Sun ndicates sources of income. But both the planets are opposed by a strong Mars who is an enemy and so the income was meagre. That the father spent lavishly is explained by the fact that the Sun is conjunct Venus who is vain-glorious and so wants a royal type of living.

In the Nandi Nadi at the beginning ofsloka5 a mathematical symbol is shown as 3 4 4 5. The sloka says that the native will have break in his studies at I7 and incur heavy expenses, and the elder sister of the native will pass away at that time. During the second round of transit, when Jupiter contacts Mars 3rd from the Moon , both being aspected by Mercury 4th and heavy expenses are indicated. Further, Jupiter contacts Rahu a retrograde planet at the age of and causing many troubles and miseries. The Moon representing elder sister is in the 12th to Jupiter's placement at birth.

The Moon's movement and contact with the retrograde Mars and Rahu, who is always retrograde, results in the death of elder sister. The disciple wants to know the nature of education the native will have before going into the question of marriage.

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The Master answers thus--As Saturn, is conjunct Mercury in the house of Venus who stands for Arts and as Mars who stands for Engineering and Machinery aspects Saturn and Mercury, one has to infer that the native may take up a profession in Engineering and work in an educational institution. After transiting Gemini, Jupiter in his 3rd round contacts Venus in Virgo which happens around the native's 30th year, marriage is likely to take place.

Immediately, thereafter, Jupiter contacts Saturn in exaltation in Libra and so the:native will be employed in a Government Institution in a gazetted rank. The disciple wants to know why here importance is given to Jupiter which is not the case usually as the question of livelihood is considered from Saturn's movements in most ofthe cases. The Master answers while work done is the result of Saturn, the enjoyment of the result is ascribed to Jupiter who represents the soul. This is further augmented by the fact that Jupiter contacts the Moon and natal Jupiter in the next house. These dispositions bestow an exalted position to the native.

When in the 4th round Jupiter transits his own house Pisces, he gets the aspect of Venus from Virgo conjunct the Sun, the native will get into possession of parental property. Immediately after this Jupiter contacts Mars in Aries and Rahu in Gemini and about the years he gets opposition from those in highest position. Then, when Jupiter conjoins Rahu in Gemini he gets the aspect of the Moon in Sagittarius and enabling the native to go on foreign travels.

The very next house Cancer is an exaltation sign for Jupiter and the Moon owns it. Therefore, the foreign travels will continue until Jupiter crosses over Leo owned by the Sun. This will go upto 50th year when Jupiter reaches Pisces. As regards children Jupiter's contact with Venus at 33 gives him a daughter, and when Jupiter transits his own place at birth at 36 the native will have a boy. These two children will be very lucky.

We now come to the last chapter of this life story when Jupiter contacts Rahu in his 5thround. This will be when the native will attain the age of This transit will cause death of the native. Salutations to Sree Nandi. This same principle will be followed in delineating the results of other charts also-importance being given to Karakatwas. In this chart Mercury, signifying education, is posited in Acquarius and Jupiter is placed in the. The native will, therefore, be a legal expert, kindly in temperament and will gain much knowledge in some other subject besides law.

He will earn fame. He will have brothers. He will not only be responsible for deciding disputes, but also get involved in disputes himself. The disciple questions-"Rendering legal aid in disputes is all rightBut with whom does he fight? As Mars is conjunct Venus well placed in Taurus, his own sign, he will also earn well in all the disputes and feuds he.

Mars , the Moon having received air from Saturn opponent ofMars in debility, the person who eloped with the native's wife Venus is a low caste man debilitated Saturn. Will he be inactive? Venus transits Cancer in the 3rd year and Virgo in the 5th year. It is only when Jupiter transits Leo, the native will be happy as his wife will come back and he will live upto a good old age of Kindly elucidate, if you have details?

The Master answers-In. As Jupiter has Saturn in 7th frorri his placement the native in nature as opposed to Rajasic and is good minded, and Satwic Tamasic -As Jupiter has no place in the previous house and there is Ketu in Leo, he happens to be the eldest first born. This child's father, the Sun, when in his movement forward meets Mars and Rahu in Aquarius, and then again Saturn and the Moon in Aries, he will earn livelihood through machinery and judiciary settlement of disputes between the employees and employers owning Machinery.

Now, as regards the child's mother the Moon there is Saturn's conjunction. Saturn and Mars have exchanged their signs. The Moon gets the Daityamsa demon's quality' represented by Mars conjunct Rahu. This explains the activities of the mother as stated at the beginning in detaiL Further, between Jupiter the child in question and. Hence, the relationship between father and child will"not be very happy Jupiter and Venus are enemies.

The chart of the child is given below:. When Jupiter, who' exchanges places with Saturn Jupt moves to Pisces in his rounds, he conjuncts with both the Moon and Saturn. The transit. So, we cannot have the same results always. The "particular place of conjunction, the planet involved and other influences based on KaralJtwa have to be taken' into consideration to come to proper conclusion. One must be extremely careful in arriving at conclusions by taking a comprehensive approach. Sat Moon. The Master further explains the method-Referring to this Chart here is another similar type. This native was born in Roudri year on the 11th day after the commencement of the month with Aquarius, as Ascendant.

Moon The conjunction ofMercury and Dt Ketu made him intelligent. He lives in a capital city and has won name and fame the Sun and Saturn in Leo. Mercury receives the aspect of Mars and Rahu from Pisces. This made the native dogged, persistent and very proud-He was always for retaliation.

Venus representing the native's partner is conjunct Jupiter who has exchange of signs with the Moon in Sagittarius. So, there is a blemish on Venus and the native's wife being duped had relations with a person other than her husband. The Sun-Saturn combination indicates Government. Mercury exalted in Virgo aspected by Mars in Pisces indicates mastery of machinery. This native will have many brothers and sisters, but very few will live long as there are many inimical forces combined.

The native's father, the. Sun, Venus. So he will be trader dealing in many' things. The native is intelligent, but will have only ordinary education. I will tell you something about his previous birth-The native in 'the previous birth was born when Jupiter was in Cancer house behind the one occupied in present birth. It is occupied by Mercury. He was a trader in the previous birth and had all kinds of wealth, houses and conveyances-One day he visited ,the temple of Raja Rajeswari in his town. He witnessed a young girl the Moon just coming out of conjunction with the Sun at the doorway with a smile on her face.

He was very much attracted by her, and seduced her. The Goddess was infuriated and gave the native a blow on his back Jupiter midway between Mercury and Mars and cursed him to have a dark mark on his back and live a miserable life in the next birth. Saturn contacts Rahu at first, then Venus and the Moon who exchange places with Mercury-Hence, he deals in drinks and dresses and will carry on business in various places. He will also deal in conveyances for the same reason as an employee in that concern. The wife of the native will be sickly.

He will get a bad name and will inau' financial losses. The disciple wants to know what happens when the Sun moves to the" next house Cancer owned by the Moon and the Moon moves to Leo and, therefore, will have exchange of places with the Sun and will contact Jupiter placed there at birth. Does this have any specific significance? The Master answers-The Sun, father of the native, visited the Palanin temple.

He was induced by his friend to seduce a woman there Jupiter's conjunction with Ketu" indicates the deity Subramanya. As a result of this. In this case, life sustainer Jupiter is in Aquarius and the Moon in the seventh house therefrom. So, the place of birth was full of fme drinks. With Ketu behind Jupiter, there was a pilgrim centre near the place of birth-The native has brothers and sisters. His elder brother passed away early in life Mars in transit comes across Rahu first. The native will have a steady educational career. The Moon and Jupiter aspecting each other make the native a philanthropist who will win over his enemies.

In the house next to Saturn the Sun, Venus and Mercury are posited. He will get a decentjob, earn well, have conveyances and servants and live a harmonious life. The wife of the native will, however, suffer from some serious disease. This can be overcome by pilgrimage to Hardwar :or Rameswarain. When Saturn transits Libra the mother will suffer ill-health.

There will be a dilapidated 'Yall by the side of the bouse in which the native was born. As Mars is posited next to Jupiter, there will be houses adjoining the birth home. The positions of Rahu and Mars indicate the native to be a brave man. He will be handsome and as Mars is aspected by Venus he will get riches through his wife. The first brother Mars has Rahu and Jupiter in the. Hence, this brother will take up Sanyas. As a result of this, he will achieve fame in the government sphere and be free from ill-health.

He will live a happy life with his wife and two children.

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He will have money, conveyances, houses and spend a harmonious life. CHART9 Jupiter is exalted in this case and so the native has a well-proportioned body with golden colour. Moon Sat. Since Venus has the Sun and Mars next to him, the native will acquire paternal property also legacy. He will have servants and his own agricultural products. He will have one wife and live happily-He will have one son.

Jupiter's placement in exaltation and ofMercury and Venus in Aries, indicate that the native will become more famous than his father and richer too. The representative of mother, the Moon, is in Virgo. She will be beautiful and the Sun in the Moon's exaltation sign shows her faithfulness to husband. When he is 34 and 46, he will get into disputes on account of money lending business. The conjunction of Mars, Rahu and the Sun indicates trouble from leprosy-but he can be free from this disease by propitiating God. In this case, the native's previous birth is indicated by the placement of Jupiter in Libra, the sign '.

Dt Here, Rahu is about to pounce upon Venus. This indicates a widow. Dh Venus, before transiting Libra, will contact the Moon at the same point Jupt. Moon and so the widow would be a relation Sat. Venus Sun Mars of the mother of the native. She would Mer. The native would have illicit connection with that widow resulting in pregnancy.

He would then bring some poison and give it to the girl to destroy pregnancy. Venus representing her meets his enemies the Sun and Jupiter in the next house to Libra and so she would become very weak and die as a result of poisoning. For this offence the native had to undergo living in Naraka and after that got this birth.

The remnant effects will give ill-health to his children, trials and troubles in life. He, too, religious performance on should perform the Somavara Vratam Mondays to get relief. He will have good education, own landed property and money-He will have two boys and two girls and also see grand children. CHART The native is capable of winning over every one by his pleasant manners, simple and unoffending nature 2nd house to Jupiter occupied by Mercury, Venus with Jupiter.

The native will have good education. He will have sex relations with many women. As Saturn contacts Rahu first and Mars next, the native will take up wood sawing as his profession Rahu, Mars indicate dry wood and the Sun-Venus conjunct, Mercury next indicate a clever. His previous birth is indicated by Gemini and Jupiter. Mars is in Gemini and is aspected by Saturn in the seventh therefonn and Rahu in the twelfth. He would have done a lot of immoral acts on account of his endless ambitions. He would also have committed robberies and duped many including high government officials-So the effect of all this is that there will be delay in having his own house in this, life, father's loss at an early age, enmity with relations, trials and troubles to wife, and his mother.

By Japa of Narayana Mantra, coupled with Homa offering to Fire and charity to Brahmins he will have relief-His son will be a learned scholar and will help his parents in old age and earn plenty ofmoney. The native will have one brother and three sisters. He will have only medium education as Jupiter contacts his enemies Mercury, 'Venus and Ketu around his 12th year.

The native will gain parental property including lands. He will have knowledge of religious scriptures and will be charitable by nature. His sisters will all be happy. He will purchase a built house. He will involve himself in court matters and- sell away the house for meeting the legal expenses for the cases 'in which he is involved-all caused by a so, called friend. He will live upto a middle age of years. Jupiter, the life propeller is in the house ofMars, and Ketu occupies ' the 2nd house to him. So the native was born to a cultivator. He will win over all enemies-His.

So the native's father will also have some enemies. But the Sun's transit in that sign has given him power as it is his exaltation sign and so he. He will get landed property and cash. As Venus is in the house of Mars, his partner will come from his native place. As seen here, Ketu behind him in Sagittarius--the Sun being in a watery sign Pisces, the father will complete a pilgrimage undertaken by him and thereafter end his terrestrial existence.

As the Moon is placed in her own house and conjunct Mars, Rahu being behind him in Gemini, the mother of the native will have some troubles in her life. The native will take up agriculture and trading and also own some conveyances and live a happy life upto a good old age of seventy. Mercury the Karaka of education is in enemy camp meeting Rahu in the 2nd house therefrom and also Mars in the 3rd house. Hence, the native will not have a smooth educational career. Jupiter being placed in Capricorn along with Mars in exaltation indicates that the native will come into possession of parental landed property.

The native will fare well by agriculture and cattle breeding. The grand father of the native. But the father lost all property on account of his quarrelsome nature and his sister being left without children he came to possess that property. As Jupiter and Saturn have exchange of signs and when Jupiter transits Sagittarius, his own house, the Sun Dt will have his friend Jupiter occupying his own house and so the parents of this native will come into possession I of some propefty.

Saturn Rahu conjunction indicates wind troubles to Jupt. The old house owned by Mars the father will be demolished. The Sun Sat. CHART16 In this chart, Saturn has Venus in the 2nd house of his own position and indicates involvement in a financial concern-Saturn contacts Mars next the Sun and Mercury in the 4th house, indicating a Government job in a financial concern. The Moon in Venus exaltation with Ketu in the next house shows that the native will have foreign Sat.

The native will be deeply interested in love for the Divine. He may have a large family of 9 children. He will live upto. Sun Mer. This native is an intelligent man helpful to others-As the Sun has Mercury in Leo, the native's father will be commercial minded. Mars in Sat. Sun Dt. Mercury and Rahu in lOtJi-. As Saturn has Mercury in the 7th from Mars him he will be employed in a rich concern. He will earn name and fame in his th years.

He will then have financial gains also and years later income from landed property is indicated. With Venus and the Sun following Jupiter's position, it is likely that two of the children will have good earning and they will achieve great fame and name as well. Mercury and Rahu being followed by the Sun, it is likely that one of the children will settle down in a foreign country. They will all be rich and happy.

The native will live upto years of age. In this case, there are no planets in the adjoining houses to the house occupied by Saturn: Hence, the native. He will be greatly in debts. He will have brothers and sisters. Though born in a good fainily, his Moon Ven. He will, see better times from to After that there will be problems add his 69thth years will be very troublesome. Sun Mars in Taurus and placement of Venus in Mer.

Cancer, the native's father will make Yen. Saturn has the Sun and Mercury in the adjoining house. With Jupiter and Ketu in 7th to Saturn, the native will live by earning from proJupt pitiations to the Divine, doing pious Dt deeds and living an austere life. He will have children. One daughter will have many troubles in her life. His children will be in medical profession or dedicate their lives to Vedic culture.

With Jupited placed in Scorpio the native will have very high ambitions. Troubles will Yen. He will have Yoga favourable Jupt Dt period from age and reach great jleights when he is All the same with Ketu in Virgo owned by Mercury, the native will be well versed in three languages. With the Sun and Mercury placed after Saturn, the native will have gains through his father. He will have troublt! S Jhrough two persons in gaining the paternal property and may have to go to a court oflaw. Just after 57 upto 63, he will have good financial gains.

But, between his own children will give him 'trouble. Between he will perform many good' functions like marriage etc, in bis house. Venus in Leo and Ketu in Virgo indicate some vaginal trouble for the wife and he will suffer on account of her ailment at years of age. The daughter too will have vaginal trouble. His daughter and one son will earn well and bring him name and fame at his th year. He will live upto his 76th year and will visit holy places before that.

The disciple asks "What is the result of the Sun being placed between Saturn and Mars? He was born in a place where there were no neighbours on either side. Jupiter being aspected by Saturn in 7th from him shows the native as an 'lswaramsa Sambhuta'. He is one wedded lo both Dharma moral principle: Jupiter and Karma action: Saturn.

His father and grand father are men of Vedic learning Holy Mars Db. As Mercury has Jupiter in the 2nd house, the native also is well versed in Vedic lore. Although, Saturn is well. These dispositions will cause impediments all along his life and career. He will start with writing until the influence of Mars and Ketu is over and when Saturn contracts Venus in his own house, he will come into lime light. As Saturn contacts Mercury and the Sun in the next house, the native will enter into a treasury section and obtain great name and fame but he will have only very ordinary comforts.

One of his brothers will be a great Pandit learned man and will occupy a high position. This troubled life will continue upto his 60th year after which the native will get some financial help from his wife's side. When transiting Leo, Libra and Scorpio, Jupiter will provide occasions for marriages etc. Some day, he will be the head of a religious institution.

One of his sons also will come to his help. He will live upto ari age of Mars and Venus are in Leo under the shade of Ketu. The native will take up Dt. He will have an extra-ordinary intellect and he will be well read in the Vedic lore. He will establish himseif in a big place and provide comfort to the public by his intellectual powers. His last period of life from 71 to 80 will be his happiest time. He will earn as a low paid servant, in a king's court entrance Ketu in Leo.

His happy days will last fiun his 35th to 38th year.

Bhrigu Nadi Principles: Profession and Life Style Through Saturn and Jupiter

He starts life at His best period is his 36thth years. He will live up to his 76th year. In this chart of a female, Jupiter is conjunct Venus and Mars. So the native will be married in her 12th year. Rahu also is in the same house and when he transits Taurus or Aquarius the partner will have considerable trouble Venus and Saturn have' exchanged their signs. She will have a ' boy born at the age. The planet indicating the partner Mars is conjunct Rahu. The order in which Saturn, the Moon and Ketu are placed indicates employment in a Government concern as a door keeper.

The native will be employed in an iiltellectual concern as Saturn is in Mercury's house. Though, Ketu creates obstructions, the native will rise high as the Sun is powerful in his own house with Mercury. He will be employed in an Accounts Department but will not rise high.

The native will belong to a high family but will have to work as subordinate. When he is in his th, he will take up work in a religious institution when Saturn transits Virgo and is aspected by Jupiter in Pisces at birth. Good days will be ahead upto The combination in Leo indicates 3 children. But o'ne boy and one girl will be able to live a very ordinary poor life. The native will be of an intellectual type and will shine well. The native Sat. Saturn's transit Ven. He will spend a happy life from 68 to 73 in that institution and will also have a few children notof a very high status.

Saturn in Cancer and the Sun in Leo just after crossing Satuni indicates father to be in great trouble at the time of birth of the native. The fathc:. As the Sun is surrounded by Saturn on one side and Venus on the other both enemies , he was short lived. As Mars indicating brothers is nearing debilitation, the native will have a brother who will also be short lived. As Jupiter has no planets behind him, the native will be the eldest son. With the Sun in 2nd to Saturn, he will have a brother who will also be shcirt lived.

As Venus'is debilitated and conjunct Mercury exalted in the same house, he may have no sister, but he will be a great intellectual. He may be employed as a Village Accountant and will be short lived. He may be married in his 28th year. As Mars is conjunct Ketu and Venus is conjunct Mercury one of his brothers will be married first-Both of them will have children.

He will change his place ofres'idence at 58 and live upto years. The native, Sat. Retrograde Saturn follows Keiu in Cancer. Mars in Leo next to Saturn's Moon house indicates the profession to be a Dh. The native will have no peace of mind as the Moon in Libra has Rahu after him in Sagittarius. Saturn touches Venus after his contact with Rahu and so the native will have a bright time thereafter and will earn name and fame. The native will have to move about frequently to earn his livings. The native will have corpulent body and will be of sportive nature.

The native will h? There will be improvement in financial status after marriage. The native will face troubles from the state and through some female. The native will be studying the literature of warriors and will seek a profession in the same field. It will be very hard to defeat the native logically. The native will be good at heart and will be giving charities also. The native will have a wife who.

The native will have some break in education and impediments in what education he has acquired. The native will be a devotional man and a very reliable person as indicated by the Sun conjunct JJipiter. His Jupt father will be a very popular man. Saturn indicates the native to be highMer. He will be a dealer in wines and drinks.

Jyotish New Bhrigu Nandi Nadi | Planets In Astrology | Pisces (Astrology)

As the trio Dh. Venus, Mercury and Saturn are not aspected by any planet and have no planets in the next house, the profession will be a laborious one. He may have 2 or 3 children who will all grow up well; enter into Government service and be of great help to him in his old age. Two of the children will have very good Yoga and will help him before his 60th year.

The native will live upto a good old age of SO years. Female native will be married in her 18th year. She will have brothers and sisters-She will have 3 boys and one girl born to her. The husband will be holding a high post. The marriage of the daughter will cause anxiety. The daughter will, however, be well educated and will earn well. Dharma will come to his rescue and keep her happy. The Sun, Rahu and MerVen. She will not be of good character. Mars indicating the partner comes m contact with Saturn, Jupiter, the Sun arid Rahu.

So she will have great humiliation in a court of law and her partner will have many other women. She will start an. She may find a happy employment in a concern dealing with Sastras moral codes. Venus 11th to Saturn indicates earning of wealth. She will have a long life of Saturn governing profession is in the commercial house of Virgo with Dh. Mars Jupt Jupiter and Rahu. The native will Sat. He will be charitable in nature and will have good morals.

This combination also shows that the native's physical body is windy in temperament. He will have children and grand children and live upto 75 years. As the Sun has Venus-Mercury combination next to him, he will have 3 to 4 children including daughters. With Jupiter there Sun Mer. Dt he will be learned in religious texts. Mars in his own house and Rahu with Saturn indicate owning some acres of Ven. Moon dry land. The reason is that the Moon is in 6th to Jupiter and Venus occupies the 11th-from Jupiter.

This position of Venus indicates that the native will have conveyances and good finances. He will. If he lives beyond 63, he will live upto Next Mercury enters his exaltation in Virgo the next house. This shows that the Sun Dt Mer. Mars Ketu with Mars shows that he will. Venus in the dual sign Gemini indicates two wives. His status will go down when Jupt Sat.

Saturn comes to Gemini. One of his Jrothers will follow a medical line:. He will get a good job by the grace of the Government.

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If the native outlives , he will see his 74th year. With Jupiter in the 2nd and Ketu in the 5th to Saturn, the native is wedded to God's name during the last lap of his life which will be peaceful. The native's father had "troubles at the birth of the boy. Mars Dh. Sun Jupt. Saturn has Jupiter in the next house-Mer. Hence he will have a decent job. With the. The contact with the Moon later indicates dealing in chemicals. Saturn next meets Rahu. The good period will continue upto the age of 60 when he may undertake foreign journeys.

He will live up to 7 4. In this case the planet of profession i.

Saturn is in exaltation and has Sun and Mercury in the house next to him. Hence, the native will be Dh. Jupiter is in Scorpio. He Dt will gain religious knowledge and Sun hold an important place earning name Mer. Sat and fame. With Ketu in Capricorn, the Jupt native will also be religiously inclined and will entitle himself to Moksha release from cycle of birth. He will be patient and will always be a believer of supremacy of the Divine as Jupiter and Mars have exchanged places. This is a native who will earn name and fame in a Government Mars Moon concern, and will become rich.

He will be a highly intellectual type. He will Dh. He may not have Dt full measure of happiness in his family life and in respect of his children. He Sat Mer. He will pay Sun Ven. His good days will commence from his 24th year, improve in th year, and he will continue to be lucky upto From he will be disease-ridden, have loss of finances, and get ill fame. He will renovate his old place at the age of , migrate to a new place and start life afresh. Two of his sons will earn plenty of money.

He may wear the Sanyasi clothes and live upto His family life will be unhappy as Mars meets the Moon and Rahu in his transits. In this chart Mercury and the Sun are in Pisces. The native will be an intellectual and he will have good education-Venus in Aquarius with the Sun and Mercury in the next house indicates that the native will hold high places in Government.

Further, Venus and Saturn have exchanged places. He will Sun marry one woman as Venus is in Mars Mer. Aquarius and will have contact with another family woman when Venus Yen. Profession Dt. Karaka Saturn when transiting Aquarius occupied by Venus will bestow on Sat. He will have a second wife at the age of When later Saturn transits Virgo, he will rise in his profession as the Sun aspects Virgo.

He will be very rich and own houses. He will have two children from one wife. As Jupiter is RetroYen. Mars Mer. Even then he will be very Dt. Venus-Rahu conjunction Sat. This will lead him to trouble. He will have links with a woman other than his own wife. Exalted Saturn indicating profession is conjunct Moon. This is Chandra Mouli Yoga. The adjoining houses are vacant, the native will struggle upto years of age. With Jupiter in 3rd house and Ketu in the 4th to Saturn, the native's profession will be one of being religious head and preceptor. The Sun's aspect on Jupiter indicates that he will settle in a big town and will receive Government honours.

The Moon's position with Saturn indicates that he will be married. Mercury, Rahu, Venus arid Mars in lOth to Saturn indicate that he will generously help female folk, artists and widowed women. His sisters will have very poor living. The native will feed many people. He will enjoy Raja Yoga from 28 to 55, when he will have conveyances. He will establish a religious institution and will live upto His life will be happy. The house next to Mercury is occupied by Jupiter and Ven. Hence, the native will be. Moon parents.

The Sun in Sagittarius with Mars Mer. Mercury indicate Godly father with great learning. The father will have won name and fame through Government. Both the parents have fed poor people and done other charitable deeds. Venus in the 2nd house to Ketu and Jupiter' indicates wealth got through his wife-The conjunction of Mars with Saturn indicates great troubles in the period during the second round of Saturn i. This will be when Saturn moves out of Aquarius.

When Saturn visits the Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius there will be little comfort and strained finances. Capricorn is a better place for Saturn's transit as it is occupied by Jupiter and Ketu-That period will be good in all respects. When Saturn transits Aries he gets the Moon's aspect this will be in the native's 42ndrd year. Till he reaches Cancer the native will have ill-health, ill-fame and he will wander about miserably. He will be committed for robbery but will come out unscathed by the help of his brother Mercury in 2nd to Mars.

When Saturn transiting Cancer, Jupiter's aspect improves his finances and he will enjoy good times. Propitiating the Goddess at Madura with religious sacrifices, feeding and giving prest? In his present ljfe, the native will be employed in a factory of U'Oil machinery and he will have good times from 50th year onwards. One of his brothers will attain great fame Mars, Mercury and Jupiter in consecl! Venus in the 2nd to JupVer indicates that the native will be Jaiown. When Saturn transits Leo, his sisters and daughters will come to lime-light as Venus and Moon receive Saturn's aspect.

His daughter will be very rich. Venus next to Jupiter. His wife will not have a full measure of health. She may be suffering from piles and urinary trouble. The native will lose his father at the age of His mother will predecease her husband Rahu 1n Cancer far away from Venus with no planets. As Venus meets the Moon next after meeting Rahu, the mother witnesses the passing away of a daughter.

From the age of the native V. About he may go to foreign countries. He may have losses in his 60th year--but there will be happiness. From 61 to 70 he will have a very propitious time-He will enjoy peace of mind and have conveyance etc. His wife will be ill at but live uptb He will live upto The native has Sun brothers and sisters as Jupiter is in Dh. Capricorn with Ketu. In between Saturn and Jupiter there is Mars.

Jupt Hence, one of his brothers will have Ven. The native will have some Dt profits from his brothers. Mars is Lord Mars Sat. Hence, there will be accrual of money through the brother. Venus and Ketu with Jupiter will endow the native with great powers of argument. The native will know religious texts and will become very learned. The father of the native will pass away between-the age of 12 and The Mercury transits Saturn and Mars in the course of his rounds. So his educational career will not be smooth and will be full of obstacles.

Between the native will wander about aimlessly. He will be in. He will settle down between years, when Jupiter transits Ketu. He will be married in his 27th year. The partner will be a religious lady and beautiful. Both Saturn and Venus are weak. So also is the Moon who just emerges from the Sun's conjunction. The native will have 3 boys Sun, Jupiter and Mars , who may not be long lived.

His daughters will not survive. In his th year, his son will attain a good position and will have advancement in life. The native will retire between He will suffer from piles and wind troubles. By his 60th year all his children will have settled in life. For all the lovers and passionate students of astrology,Check out Saptarishis Astrology Reasearch Group for techniques.

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