December 22 horoscope scorpio

Aries: March 21 - April 20

There is a real possibility that you will meet an old flame and passion between you will be rekindled. Balancing the past and the present relationships can be an especially demanding task today.

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For those who are studying this seems to be a good time for reaping of all your endeavors. The same is visible on the cards for the working professionals.

Scorpio Horoscope for the week of December 22, 2008

Success and appreciation seem to be coming your way. However you may suffer a loss in investments if you have done any! So put the investment task for the other day if you are planning to make one! To unfold what lies further ahead, take a look at your Scorpio weekly and Scorpio monthly horoscope. Illustration by Amanda Lanzone.

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December opens with retrograde Mercury reentering your sign, finding you reconsidering decisions you've made over the last few weeks. You are thought of as the sign of sex and death, Scorpio, but we could just as easily throw money into the mix! The sun in Sagittarius illuminates the financial sector of your chart, finding you focused squarely on themes concerning money and self-worth.

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Just be smart and avoid impulse spending on December 2, when the sun squares off with Mars. You should also avoid arguments since people's tempers are heightened. However, enjoy the passionate and creative energy that will be in the air and channel it into your art! Now you must go all out to impress other people with your financial verve and personal generosity.

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The sub-text today is written by the Sun, which is about to bring fresh light to a special relationship. I hope very much that you like what you see! Joy, happiness, nostalgia and sentiment vie with each other. By hoping for the best, you will actually help the best to happen. If regular employment is not on the agenda, go for a traditional day of practical and household chores. Also, take one or two sensible measures to boost your physical well-being. The best influences are saved for domestic spending and investments.