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Since the Moon is feelings and Venus is the expression of feelings, the stressful aspects tend to cause feelings to be expressed erratically or incorrectly. You may feel unpopular, even when you are not.

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Venus is the natural ruler of money and possessions. Your instincts the Moon do not work well her if you have the square or opposition and you can e too much of a spendthrift. You have to force yourself to handle financial matters more effectively. Venus Aspecting Mercury: Only the conjunction and sextile are possible between these two. The communications ability becomes smoother making the speech more charming.

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The mind Mercury tends to take on an artistic flair. Venus Aspecting the Ascendant : The conjunction increases good looks.

Twelfth-Parts and the Astrology of Profession

You are most likely one of the better looking members of your family. Venus close to the Ascendant also gives one the traits of the sign of Libra: charming but tending to be a little indecisive.

Career/Professions Ruled by VENUS (Vedic Astrology)

Remember though, to always look at the entire chart before making a final determination. The person may have Mars and Uranus on the Sun! Venus Aspecting the Mid-Heaven : If Venus is making the closest aspect to the Mid-Heaven, the career will incline to careers in the arts. These are the primary planets. Saturn and Sun come secondary when we think of specific type of finance like commodities, gold and metal.

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Mercury is a natural manager, business man and accountant. Someone who loves dealing with money.

Jupiter being the karaka of 2nd, 5th and 11th house shows wealth or abundance of wealth, growth and expansion. Venus represents cash money itself. The money you can hold. Currency trading is seen through Venus. Mars on the other hand has nothing to do with money, wealth, banking but it plays a huge role of strength, courage and energy. Mars brings flow of energy where ever it sits. Sitting in Money houses it shows money comes and goes, comes and goes.

One needs courage and quick impulsive thinking to aggressively go after money or other people's money. Finance is also shows greed, having lust for material things is what really draws people to deal with other people's money.

What it means if the following planet is in your 10th house in astrology:

This is where Rahu comes in, Rahu should influence a person towards money and wanting all the material things. The nakshatra Q. Uttara Ashada. These nakshatra represents growth, lust, worldly desire, material desire and wanting to control other's lives or their assets.

Time of birth and Amatyakarka play the biggest role for someone to go into finance. Depending upon the time of birth you are born and the planet that controls those hours as in Mars controls 3 hours at night while Saturn controls 2 hours before sunrise, such planets and their sign lords shows how and where the wealth is coming from. These are not your normal hourly horas.

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  6. This requires dividing the day and night in 3 parts each. The second thing is amatyakarka, planet with the 2nd highest degree which will be your force in career.

    Career Astrology: Your weapon for success

    Jupiter and Mercury have always played the biggest role in this case. These two planets show advisor and client, student and teacher, manager and director, wealth and management of wealth. They need fixed income; finance is a career mostly depends upon commission and base salary. The combination that shows a banker is 10th and 11th lord being in 11th house aspected by 2nd house with the planets and nakshatra I described.