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Good question Jade. No astrologer ever used Signs or Houses before Hellenistic astrology was invented just over years ago. No indigenous sky-lore uses Signs or Houses. It was always the position of the planets in relation to the backdrop of the stars. Signs and Houses are purely symbolic and all good astrologers will admit to that. I have a background in science but also am a spiritual person. See Precession Astrology for more information.

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It seems very precise though, and applying houses and signs give a person an idea about a specific aspect of their lives. When a person really delves into Synastry, then it becomes very apparent that Houses have some meaning.

Planets are definitely stronger and more concentrated energies. I liken it to the difference between Signs and Planets like the following: Signs are like weak light bulbs that give off a soft, diffuse glow of a certain color. Planets on the other hand, are like a spotlight of a certain color, the light is much more intense, concentrated, deep.

Very strong Planetary energy can overwhelm, over shadow Sign energy. A good example is my spouse, who has a very powerful Aquarius pattern in her chart, but she also has Venus conjunct her Ascendant. While she does have definite Aquarius tendencies, by far she is best and most consistently described by Venus.

The 8th House naturally corresponds with the order of Scorpio, the 8th Sign. If you know anything about the Sign, then these patterns arising are not surprising, as they are very Scorpionic in theme.

Mars Venus Jupiter (3 planetary Conjunction) Hindi

Scorpio is the Sign that can want to merge with a close, loved one, especially in a sexual and emotional way. Sometimes too much to the point of wanting to absorb them. Can you please do Pluto square Ascendant, I am not able to find too much on information on it so far. And also how would mars in sagittarius conjunct Jupiter sagittarius be affected by mars square Saturn. I have both Jupiter and Saturn aspecting Mars very closing. Thank you. I will eventually write about all aspects and transits including AC and MC.

Planning to give myself two years to finish them. Saturn would moderate the exuberance of the Mars Jupiter conjunction at best, but at worst inhibit enthusiasm. I was always very bad in sports, or medium if i put lot of efforts in.

Conjunction Aspect Meaning in Astrology

I avoided military service, although it was mandatory in my country. I was bullied few times, and I was always defensive, and failed. Where is my physical activity success? Where is my success at all?

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  4. Then the Mars-solar opposition late this July will by the closest since , with our globe just Hi Jamie, Iv e beenreading and folooiwng you and Marinas progress for many years now but thought this was an occasion I could ask a question about this transit which is inmy 8th house and trines my 12th pisces sun and mars saturn cancer 4th house. After many years of blancinghouse repairsandattemptung to teach fromhomeImjust wondering if it will allcome together this year?

    Yeah Bob the orb of aspect is how far from exact the aspect is in degrees.

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    As for the interpretation, I find it really accurate. Taking action and having luck and confidence in that rings true.

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    Jupiter Venus Conjunction 2015 in Cancer, Leo

    Thanks for clarifying; much appreciated. How long will we feel this aspect? Thanks, as always, colibrie Reply. Would the following aspects make a person optimistic and are they strong? Thanks a lot Reply. Bob Reply. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. As Mars symbolizes extreme anger and Venus the spouse. Many people are tagging this Venus and Mars conjunction as Taboo and creating panic in heart for its effects in life and I am sure most of you already decided not to get married in life coz of this conjunction,Please dont have to be so rude to yourself; serious trouble can only happen in relationship if either Mars or Venus is 6th or 8th lord thats too if conjunction is happening in 6,8,12th house from Saturn.

    On Pisces Ascendant

    Debilitation and exaltation in this factor of either planet can lead to two different spectrum of sexuality. One can make a person a sexual yet committed partner. On the flip side, it can show sexual abuse or someone who uses sex as their means of earning like prostitution, escort services, or even porn. This combination in 4th house is also not that favorable as 4th house is 10th from 7th, i. If this conjunction is taking placed in 10th house or Ascendant or aspecting 10th house, then earning can be through Textiles, Cinematography, Criminal law, Exploration of costly elements from mines, subject of Geology, Surgery, Chemistry etc.

    This combination can make someone skilled in cooking and a top class Chef. In short one may choose to study in Hotel management art, design, beauty, fashion, and hotel management. Or Venus can influence Mars by making Mars a bit more sexual, lovable, and calm in their approach to work, war, and ethics. The debilitation and exaltation in this factor of either planet can lead to two different spectrums of sexuality.

    Venus – Mars Aspects: Conjunct Sextile Trine Square Opposition

    To judge the effect of sexual transformation, one needs to look at the house and nakshatra placement of these planets. Mars in Prithvi Tatwa in the second house signifies money through land, building, estates, mining, copper, thoor dhal, cooking contracts, land, army etc. Mars in Vayu tatwa signifies money from inflammable gasses, crackers and explosives, Air force wing in the army by being a pilot for war planes and participating in air attacks etc.

    Mars occupying Jala Tatwa represents electrolytic process like copper plating, Zinc plating etc.