Cancer horoscope for february 25

Make an early start to the day — as early as you can.

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What you can change now are your attitudes and responses. Also, turn your attention to dreams of travel. Read: Horoscope Today in Malayalam. You would be wise to concentrate as much as you possibly can on home and family affairs.

It is essential to take every part of your life in order, and not to attempt any new worldly initiative unless you are personally happy. The last thing you want to do is get stuck in a set of problems which is none of your making. You may forget that you have more control over situations and outcomes than you had in the past. It can feel necessary to get the approval of others, but it's not. Your confidence needs and must come from within. Your skills and talents come in handy today around the house and you are likely to find yourself knee-deep in projects that make things feel more comfortable and beautiful for those around you.

As the Sun conjuncts your ruling Planet Mercury, you are open to taking more chances, especially those that involve calculated risks.

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As your ruling planet harmonizes with Mercury in your second house, a change in the environment or a key bit of information can come through that leads to an investment opportunity or a purchase that brings you value into the home. Things change and so are you.

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You're moving along with the riptide of life making progress that shows. Not only do you see how your reputation and ability to command more attention around others is improving, but you are also able to change a past dynamic that held you down financially.

Messages can get crossed easily today and something said unintentionally can bring you to think more about what was meant vs what was actually said. It's your super-sleuth personality that likes to figure things out but maybe people just make mistakes. You can learn to be okay with that as long as you're certain that's all that it is.

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Be patient with the process. You may find you are in the limelight right now and there's a reason why everyone seems to notice you now more than before. You have something of value that's part of your radiant personality and others want to understand what it is and learn from you.

Actions speak louder than words today and when you feel that your short on them try doing something that reveals your intentions instead. Your gestures of kindness coupled with listening ears and an empathetic heart make it understood you're a faithful friend others can depend upon. Something lucky can come to you by email or you might get some positive feedback or information that lets you know it's time for you to take action. You may think and hope for a sudden change in circumstances but right now lady fate and luck are striving to help you see your pain and suffering isn't for nothing.

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It's actually for everything that's good coming soon so you know what to do, wisely, with all you are blessed with. Dynamics can change, plans can become cancelled and leave you with the option to stay home and enjoy the pleasure of your own backyard. Home life can put some pressure on your personal wants and needs, but this tension helps you to grow in a way you needed. Learning to roll with the pressure helps bring you some good luck thanks to a relationship that continues for the next few days between Jupiter and your ruling planet, Neptune.

Stay strong and firm to your long term objectives and resist throwing in the towel, even though it may feel easy to do.

Aria Gmitter, M.