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She is a Blue Night Most importantly, I discovered that these two were being setup to have a soul merge.

You can see this from Jayz progressions into Aaliyahs Capricorn placements. WOW I had to share this becuz there is no doubt in my mind that these were about to be madly in love.

Aphrodite, The Goddess of Love

Sep 12, 2. He dated others before Beyonce too. The point of this? Sep 12, 3.

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Sep 12, 4. Sep 12, 5. Sep 12, 6.

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Sep 12, 7. Before Aaliyah passed she was engaged to Damon Dash. Sep 12, 8.

Top 3 SOULMATE Indicators in Astrology (Synastry) - 2019

Sep 12, 9. Sep 12, Five max.

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YES Saturn. Saturn is the Time Lord. People who are bound to meet have strong Saturn aspects between them. It lends an extra gravitas to the encounter. Both people immediately get that this is or could be a significant bond.

Butterflies Represent Souls of Loved Ones

If you are not yet sure and we are doing a whole few Hacks on Synastry etc later how to compare charts, look to points with the same number or near by. North Node? Your Jupiter is on their Juno or vice versa. SoulMate software lets you check marriage compatibility with ease and in the comfort of your home. SoulMate precisely follows the Vedic Astrology parameters for matchmaking and does errorless calculations. It helps you avoid manual calculation errors.

You can select your regional preferences in horoscope compatibility check and does matchmaking as per your style. The minimum check performed is the star compatibility and other parameters are set as optional which can be enabled or disabled. SoulMate also gives you a choice of chart formats viz. The birth details of the prospective bride or groom which you enter can be saved and retrieved for compatibility checks in the future.

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In birth star matching or nakshatra compatibility check, 10 Poruthams or Kootas are analysed. It compares the position of the planet in both horoscopes to make a thorough Kuja dosha check. Within this feature, an option for a strict Manglik check is also provided.

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  • SoulMate Personal 9.0.

SoulMate studies this aspect by analyzing the dasas in both horoscopes. If the current dasa of boy or girl changes within a short span, then it is supposed to cause troubles and marriage will not be recommended. A balance of doshas papas in the horoscopes of boy and girl is important.