Sagittariusian horoscope personality

A Sagittarius will always be honest and in check with their emotions, and a Sagittarius will not engage in emotional blackmail. Sagittarius is a steadfast friend and a creative thinker; a great person to have on a work team, as they have infectious energy and enthusiasm.

Sagittarius Horoscope ♐ Sagittarius Zodiac Sign Dates Compatibility, Traits and Personality

A Sag can also be an adept entrepreneur or CEO. A Sagittarius is smart, capable, and a true trailblazer. S for seductive A for adventurous G for grateful I for intelligent T for trailblazing T for tenacious adept A for adept R for responsible I for idealistic U for unparalled S for sophisticated.

Sagittarius is adept at blazing their own paths, and can always go it alone. Sagittarius can sometimes be far too blunt, and put their own needs above others. It can also be helpful to be part of the pack now and then. Sagittarius is so good at doing things independently, but sometimes it can be faster, smarter, and more fun to do things as part of a group. Their independence.

The Personality of a Sagittarius, Explained

A Sag loves hanging out with herself, and feels like doing things solo can only help her connect more to her deepest self. Sagittarius uses solo time as a much-needed reboot. Personality Traits Friendship Love Find out about your love compatibility with Sagittarius! A Sagittarius woman is proactive. Unfortunately, some people are intimidated by her power, and can be overwhelmed by her independence. She might keep you up all night, so it may help to do some stretching and calisthenics to build up your stamina!

Her exploits in love and sex tend to turn into legendary tales of bravado, danger, and daring — so remember that you and your performance may end up in a supporting role somewhere down the line.

Her living space is usually fairly minimal, simple, and tasteful — with a great eye for one or two pieces such as the perfect rug or a striking painting that can pull the room together. These pieces may travel with her wherever she goes, so whenever you visit her in her next sublet or temporary rental, the place always feels like hers. She tends not to get too attached to one place or another, but does prefer to live on the outskirts of town if she can, and even better if her place has an outdoor area and big windows that show an expansive view.

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A warm, affectionate lover of silliness and irreverence, this fire sign mother shares her passion with her kids, but also teaches them to not take life too seriously. Sag moms will find a way to raise their progeny outside the norm, and encourage them to be free-thinking truth-seekers — just like mama.

Love and Compatibility for December 16 Zodiac

Sagittarius women are honest, conscientious, and dedicated to the work that they do. Sagittarian women love nothing more than a gift with a wild story attached to it. It could have happened that way… right?