Lunar eclipse january 28 2020 astrology aquarius

Venus in Scorpio is exactly opposite Uranus in Taurus the day before the lunation, so this exchange between the Feminine and the Future is ON. It can be a sudden, unexpected meeting, and for others the final nail in the coffin may arrive with this lunation. This is a PREVIEW of what is to come and the proverbial shotgun blast sounds today that we are less than 90 days away from the new world that is being born.

Feeling your post-Pisces Full Moon download coming into focus yet? With the lunation occuring conjunct the fog machine aka magical and mystical Neptune we could have been swimming in spiritual bliss, disconnected in our escapism, or just UNCLEAR.

For many there may have been tears, as Pisces is where we are meant to let the emotions flow, especially in the quiet moments we have with ourselves, in our dreams, and in Meditation. With Mars conjunct the Sun in Virgo, some may have experienced the surge of energy with anger, criticism, or frustration.

The major planetary energy changes happening this week are:

Virgo wants to perfect and Pisces wants to dissolve. Or we could have felt passionate about the next chapter. Pluto, also Rx in Capricorn, was making a sextile to the Full Moon, which can be a transformative energy when functioning optimally, but could ALSO have added angst to feeling like some things will never change. Oh, but they will. And they are. Expect to feel this. Expect movement on whatever has felt like a major blockage. Pluto will follow on October 3.

Expect the Birth-Death-Rebirth of something. Write a thank you note to Saturn with all the maturity and authority that you have within you.

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Anyone else as excited as me? Many folks had to break up and break off from previous scenes and scenarios and head for greener pastures. I basically stopped even looking at my Facebook page, because it is so gross to me at this point. On one hand, I felt great-not dealing with it! On the other hand, it definitely affected my small jewelry business as I refused to play the game anymore over there…and I personally saw how Instagram pretty much became Facebook 2. HE became the expression of our collective shadow LEO.

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Many can now see, after that era, that all that glitters is not gold. This cannot be good for him. He needs to be placed in a healing zone with about Angels working on him day and night. We need it if we want to steer this ship around! Metaphorically, the cracks in the ceiling are showing, and there is water leaking throughout the house. It seems like everywhere we turn, there are huge crises that seemingly ripple out.

We are seeing Institutions being eroded, for better or worse. We are shaking out the dust from whatever collapsed in Eclipses and are meant to focus on the heart-activation of our LEO expressions after all the upgrades and lessons. Our creative collaborations and money arrangements are needing to move into alignment with our new values system. Our discernment has been tested all year and now we can apply those lessons towards groups who better match with us and where we can SHINE.

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Please join and see how we work we can meet our communities in the Circle for a better world. With a month of a lot of Cancer energy, we have been digging down into our Cancer ruled bellies for the buried feelings to come up and out. There are changes afoot.

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Some who have been in longterm situations that no longer serve us, will find the strength to align with better partners on FAITH that they deserve to be happy! Adjustments have been UP and on our minds. What have you discovered or remembered?

I felt very connected to Mother Earth that day and very grateful for knowing what I need and want within fourth house , and for all the blessings I already am enjoying being the Authority in my life, Capricorn MC and all the action in my 10th. What was the most noteworthy thing I can remember from that day, is I had a beautiful run-in with a snake while at the park with my dog. This snake had green and gold in it and was tiny and sleek. It had a distinctly feminine vibe. It sat and peacefully went on its way. They kept speaking to me.

Libra Report for Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Cancer January 10, 2020 ~ Astrology

I know that I am creating a new version of my old dreams and that snake shared that messages in various ways over the past two weeks. How about you? May your Eclipse be a huge relief. May your little death be orgasmic. The bus for 5D is leaving in January and you need to book your ticket now and start packing.

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  8. Emotional Security. Food made with Love. Fostering animals. Volunteering to feed the homeless.

    Eclipses: Cosmic Turning Points

    Mother Teresa. Water Rights Activism. Taking care of the sick. Safe spaces. Feeling satiated. Water therapy. This is the 2nd of 4 Eclipses aspecting the North Node in Cancer, starting with last July, and ending next summer Feeling our Humanness. Feeling our Fear consciously and facing it head on, is the greatest gift you can give to your inner child. We are facing our collective Security issues with Climate Change and the Refugee crisis symbolizing the Orphaned Child, the Homeless, and Water issues.

    The true teachings of All the Ascended Masters include: Caring for the most vulnerable in our communities and human family. You radiate love from every pore of your being, especially during this Eclipse portal. You are the Mother of Your Highest Timeline. No one else. You may feel a sudden surge to go into super-care for your body and soul in a totally new way. Over and Over. Chant and listen to quiet devotional music and binaural beats when you sleep.

    Wheels are set in motion and then, poof! Where will an eclipse impact you in your personal life? Look to the sign and degree of the eclipse. Then look at your chart and see where that degree falls. Look at the house where the eclipse falls as that will determine the area of your life that will be most greatly impacted. Look to see what other planets are involved in the eclipse as their energy will add significantly to the story of change, movement, letting go, and release.

    Aquarius Full Moon: Lunar Astrology 12222

    An eclipse is a shift in the vibrational alignment between the Earth, the Sun, and the Moon creating an analogous shift in the alignment of our own energies. We are not only on Earth but of Earth. What she experiences so do we, each in our own way, according to the constellation of energies in our own unique charts. The moon is in between the Earth and the Sun. From our perspective here on Earth it looks like the Moon is blotting out the Sun. Powerful time of reprogramming your essential life force to align more correctly with your personal growth and evolution. Is your behavior out in the world synchronous with how you perceive yourself to be?

    The Earth blocks out the light of the Sun reflected onto the Moon so the Moon, though full, is darkened, sometimes appearing red. Very eerie and so cool! Lunar eclipses ask us to go the emotional realms and see what changes need to made there to bring about the desired balance of energies. Use the powerful force of the eclipses to propel yourself into new territory.