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Speaking from your heart is important, avoid keeping things to yourself because it will only lead to serious frustration. Life changes will be plentiful according to the Leo horoscope You are a naturally active person and love the idea of being stimulated and challenged by everything that life throws at you. Your bubbly personality will help you impress people and show them what you are made of. With the support of your loved ones, success will never be too far away.

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At the end of Leo , work commitments will keep you away from working on your relationship, but the space will eventually help you to fully understand what you really want from love and your partner. At the beginning of you will encounter some tricky obstacles, and someone could even try to sabotage your plans but you will be ready to defend yourself.

You could face some uncertainty regarding your career that will last until mid-year.

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The doubt and indecision will be down to Mars retrograde, which will provoke delays and will cause you setbacks along your path. Leo, hold on tight because at the end of the year all your efforts at work will be rewarded; a promotion is definitely in store for you. Leo, since you want to continue working on the projects you had already begun working on in the past year, is set to be a hectic year full of uncertainty. Your energies will all be focused on work and building up your professional relationships and network.

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Your pace will be intense in , but be sure to take rest periods; take advantage of your summer vacation to enjoy a relaxing trip, recharge your batteries and you will return in the best shape ever. Curious about what has in store for the other zodiac signs? Horoscope all zodiac signs.

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Leo weekly horoscope reveals all. Jeremy shields. These all hit home. Very creepy but relieving n the long run.

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Thank you , Jeremy shields. Our experts are available to answer all of your questions right now!

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So, why not choose from our selection of advisors and kick start your quest for answers and enlightenment regarding your future, right now?!. To help you make your choice, check out our advisor's specialities, tarifs and reviews. Leo is set to involve various positive changes that will sublime your life. Leo, you are tired of always doing the same things and always making the same safe decisions.

Happiness is on the horizon for our Leo friends as long as they stay determined and focused on their goals. Read your Leo horoscope and discover what awaits your zodiac sign! Leo horoscope Do you dream of wild success?

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Reach for the stars, Leo and consult an expert! When will you fall in love? Leo, discover your love destiny by consulting an expert! Leave a comment. Leave us a comment 5 4 3 2 1 0. Check out our top experts Our experts are available to answer all of your questions right now!

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Your only requirement: your target must be as combative and strong as you, or you will get bored in no time. Unlike male Leos, you are not satisfied with meaningless love affairs; you believe in Love with a capital L and you are ready to commit. Men must be aware that your spine will be the key to awakening all your senses. As far as love compatibilities are concerned, you will find the intensity and passion you are looking for with fellow Leos.

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As good as it gets! Passion and affection can also be on the menu with natives of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Sagittarius.